myboshi No.2

myboshi No.2: inexpensive, vegan, Ökotex-certified wool at a great price

Consisting of 85% cotton and 15% kapok, our favorite color No.2 yarn is a wonderfully light yarn and fine yarn that is best used with thinner needles.

What can you do with the wool? Practically everything. Hats and triangular scarves become light and airy in summer or spring, baby blankets and baby clothes made from the yarn are kind to sensitive skin, are saliva-proof and machine washable at up to 60 degrees. With amigurumis you crochet very fine structures and the combination of cotton and the airy kapok protects your fingers when you want to crochet potholders.

Vegan wool

The wool consists exclusively of non-animal products and is therefore also suitable for vegans who attach particular importance to avoiding animal products. No animal components were used in the entire production process, such as the coloring. This is how manual work is done with a clear conscience and without animal suffering!

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