Garnet semi-precious stone beads and pendants

The name actually has to do with the pomegranate. Although it was not "invented" until the Middle Ages, the Latin word "granum" for grain or pit indicates the occurrence of the mineral in granules, as well as the similarity with the pits of the pomegranate. On the other hand, the orange-red to red-violet color of the pomegranate flower and fruit is similar to that of the stone. The importance of the stone for jewelery dates back to ancient times. The relatively well-known name Karbunkelstein was coined in the Middle Ages and included a trio of garnets, spinels and rubies. Garnets were very popular in the 19th century. At that time they were particularly common in Bohemia and were brought to America.
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Garnet, Semi-Precious Stone, chips, string 32"
Garnet, Semi-Precious Stone, chips, string 32"
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