Rubi Zoisite

Ruby-Zoisite is a fascinating gemstone that is created through the combination of green zoisite and red ruby. The green zoisite forms the base of the stone and is often of a vibrant green color. In this green base, pink to red ruby inclusions are frequently visible. These inclusions can vary from small dots to prominent veins, giving the stone a unique and lively aesthetic.

Ruby-Zoisite is often considered a healing stone and is associated with various positive properties. Emotional Healing: Ruby-Zoisite is believed to promote emotional healing by assisting in letting go of negative emotions and restoring emotional balance. Heart Chakra Opening: It is thought that Ruby-Zoisite opens the heart chakra, leading to an increased sense of love, compassion, and connection. Attraction of Positive Energies: The stone is said to attract positive energies, contributing to a positive mindset.
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