Semi-precious Gemstones

Semi-precious Gemstones
The natural forces of the earth created a fantastic variety of minerals with different shapes, colors and crystal structures, which are suitable for creative work.
With us you will find many diverse semi-precious stones of high quality.
Semi-precious stones are natural stones that are referred to as either gemstones or as gems
Each gemstone is different and therefore unique.
With us you can purchase these jewelery gemstones at very reasonable prices.
Rocky, Semi-Precious Stone, Color: crystal, Size: ±10mm, Qty: 1 String ±38cm (±39 pc.)
instead Sfr. 31.90
only Sfr. 19.14
You save 40%
incl. 7.7% tax
Cinnabar Rose, Color: red, Size: ±15x8mm, Qty: 1 pc.
Sliding scale prices:
1-4 units per Sfr. 1.40
5-9 units per Sfr. 1.30
> 9 units per Sfr. 1.20
Sfr. 1.40
incl. 7.7% tax
Honey Onyx frosten, Semi-Precious Stone, Color: yellow, Size: ±6mm, Qty: 1 string 16" (±62 pc.)
instead Sfr. 29.90
only Sfr. 14.95
You save 50%
incl. 7.7% tax
Sunstone Semi-Precious Stone Chips, Color: multi, Size: --, Qty: String ±32"
instead Sfr. 19.90
only Sfr. 11.94
You save 40%
incl. 7.7% tax
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